Best PHP Language Institute in Bihar

PHP is a very strong server side scripting language. Its open source and easy to use & learn nature makes it best choice for web developing. Now a days almost all CMS tools uses PHP as their base.

City Education is a top PHP training institute in delhi. In our  PHP course you will learn from basics of Web like request, response, get, post methods to professional cms tools like joomla, cakePhp, magento etc. Our expert PHP faculties will enable you with the latest php tools and technologies. After completing Arth PHP Course our project base industrial training will make you professional a dynamic web developer.



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For Us You are :
A student who know how to use web and want’s to learn PHP for job, but either a little weak or completely unaware of programming logic like if-else, looping and other PHP course related constructs
Course Duration :

3 Months


Class Mode :

Alternate (MWF/TTS) or Weekend ( Saturday & Sunday)


After Course Completion :

After completing this PHP Course you will know all web concepts like request, response, include, forward and with all programming construct like variable, if-else, looping, classes, objects etc. and you will be ready create your web site in which you can use MySQL as backend.


Course Project :

At the end of this course you will create a PHP base web project under the guidance of our experience professional PHP Course Faculty. That project can be submitted to your BCA or degree course or you can use it in you interview.


Course Placement :

Your academic qualification and the quality of your project will decide your placement. You will get complete help in every step until you get a nice job


Course Contents :

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